EnterprisinGirls - A Networking Experience

Growing Together

In the South of Italy, where the most beautiful landscapes are located, the population, especially women, are struggling to find and secure jobs and businesses.
This is why, thanks to the determination of the consultant Francesca Vitelli and her associates, EnterprisinGirls was created. It is a network of associates, institutions and stakeholder that support women, help build their self-confidence and create more opportunities for them.

The working team behind EnterprisinGirls strives to meet the needs of the individuals through the organization of broad networking events. Through these activities, women can create relations and share knowledge from different territories.
In this framework, they organize seminars and meetings, guided tours of the beautiful scenery and monuments, paths within firms, gastronomic and cultural experiences. These events promote excellence in Italy and abroad through the creation of thematic professional paths that go hand-in-hand with cultural value.
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