Governance and structure

Honorary President: Pina Amarelli

President: Francesca Vitelli

Vice Presidents: Daniela Chiariello, Gaia del Papa

Boards of directors: Mariangela Affinita, Bianca Imbembo, Sara Lubrano, Vittoria Pappalardo

Chairman of the Warranty Board: Pina Foti

Members of  the Warranty BoardDina Cavalli, Marisol Pascucci

Pina Amarelli
Knight of Labor, an honorary citizen of Rossano, Madam liquorice. University professor, lawyer, journalist and businesswoman. Versatile woman of many talents and is one of the stars of the only peaceful  successful revolution in the last 50 years: the one done by women. Tireless and tenacious she looks at the world capturing nuances and potential.