Volcanic businesswomen in lava and steel carved

Who keep Garibaldi’s bathtub and who take care of Mary’s Shelley hart?
Volcanic businesswomen  in lava and steel  carved.

More than 80 common women far from the ordinary. Our history began from here, EnterprisinGirls history.

A book to tell women's stories.
A different way to tell places usually knows for bed news: Naples and Caserta. Pages to show  dreams, troubles, expetations and the daily strenght of over than 80 extraordinary womens. Agriculture, industry, handicraft and services all in one.

A wounderful journey in labor market. Mothers and daughters, sisters and friends who work together. Someone inherites a firm, someone else builds a company and anyone  needs to create a little business to have a work.

One book, two cities, a lot of stories...