The choice of the logo contains a figure of identity:
a model of a woman who chooses not to deny their femininity to blend in a context permeated by the time and manner of men. Far from the career woman of the eighties in men's jackets, women's profile communicates self-confidence in a globe from the red color symbolizing vitality and energy.

Technology and science is one of the areas where the presence of women is very recent phenomenon.

The Art of Communication catching the attention of many women competent, experienced and versatile.

Web is a dimension of everyday life no longer the exclusive domain of only the diehard surfers.

Establish a network can not be separated from the interaction between the physical space and virtual worlds.

Our aspiration is to grow the network through membership of entrepreneurs who want to do business through a circuit of excellence.


... such kind of target could be reached only by an extraordinary entrepreneur with a far from ordinary team  !