The real opportunity  that EnterprisinGirls gives to all of us is a working team that pays attention to the organization of opportunities to meet calibrated on actual needs of the individual and the organization of collective events in specific frames.

Opportunities to meet women with whom to start working relationships, share social and cultural projects. Knowledge of different territories through the use of Seminars- stays full of meetings, guided tours of the beautiful scenery and monuments, paths within firms, gastronomic and cultural experiences. The promotion of excellence in Italy and abroad through the creation of thematic events accompanied by a plus cultural value. Organization of competitions and initiatives to promote the talent and excellence and spreading the culture to overcome gender stereotypes.

There is no economy male and a female, but a different approach to work, yes.


Women are not only interested in the achievement of the result but also on how this is done, the relationship skills are essential for us and thanks to them we approach any task with a greater capacity for empathy.