Become an ambassadress

If you work in the productive world and want to get in the game take the opportunity to become an ambassadress of your country.

To you the task of identifying excellent women and create a local group which become referent.

Marisol Pascucci  340 6953854 - Corso Stati Uniti 14, 35100 Padova - Email:

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, engaged in a seesaw of responsibility, hard work and rewards, as well as legal counsel specializing in Organization and Management Models for the prevention of crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01. Being a woman is the grace in which no one would ever give that offers the possibility, with a commitment to the limits of human endurance, to translate ideals into concrete targets by training in planning creative and lateral thinking.

Daniela Maccolini +39 (0)574 446363 Coming - Via B. Croce, 5 - 59100 PRATO - Email:

It’s just your fear that keeps you from moving forward. Jump and Fly ... She  never stops facing difficulty and with a large determination created an Office of Educational Advisor Counselling that caters to students of all ages who wish to follow a training course abroad. Her passion is finding the right part of the world for everyone.

Pina Foti
  +39 (0)6 68307796
International Language School - Via Tibullo, 16 -  00193 Roma (Italia) - Email:

President of several prestigious associations has gained experience in networking that makes it flexible, communicative and irreplaceable. A tireless globetrotter with strong organizational skills.

You will know business and professional rich in talent, passion and curiosity, eager to contribute to the ambitious project to jump-start the economy.

If you believe in the ability to network and believe that talent is a resource to reward you have caught the spirit.

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