The Founders


The determination of the consultant, Francesca Vitelli, tenacity entrepreneur Daniela Chiariello, inspired, prodded and spurred on by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals such extraordinary Mariangela Affinita, Pina Amarelli, Dina Cavalli, Gaia del Papa, Pina Foti, Tullia Gargiulo, Bianca Imbembo, Maria Pia Incutti, Sara Lubrano, Rossella Paliotto, Marisol Pascucci and Vittoria Pappalardo, led to the rise of EnterprisinGirls, a place for discussion, sharing of experiences and individual and collective growth.

Mariangela Affinita
Nothing is impossible so she always gives the best.
Company is a sister to grow with, a living reality that gives incentives, thoughts and results.
Automotive and so much other represent her world in  which a large family and a foundation dedicated to the father Angelo found space.

Pina Amarelli
Knight of Labor, an honorary citizen of Rossano, Madam liquorice. University professor, lawyer, journalist and businesswoman. Versatile woman of many talents and is one of the stars of the only peaceful successful revolution in the last 50 years: the one done by women. Tireless and tenacious she looks at the world capturing nuances and potential.

Dina Cavalli
I wanted very strongly I wanted ...  she undertook   and  follows her father's footsteps with tenacity, a criminal lawyer without, however, neglecting to cultivate family ties and a strong sense of friendships. She works on the perfection, demanding and uncompromising with herself, combines a  "German" character  with feminine sensibility.  She has  scientific curiosity and deep enthusiasm for new firms face each challenge- also the most difficult - considering it a chance!

Daniela Chiariello
Born before Internet and culturally reborn with it (because the network is woman!) I produce contents and innovative containers.
I use my creativity to create new visions and to produce stories and symbols full of meaning: from adv to on line communication, web sites and educational videogames.
In a world of "media that connect human relationships" technology and communication should be used to improve the quality of life

Gaia del Papa
Engage with inexhaustible enthusiasm the challenges that life and the company allocate for years and with ciclopyc strength , in spite of his being petite,
demonstrates and gives courage and support to those who joined. What matters to her is work together and share moral dignity, and professional successes avalanche!

Pina Foti
Teaching languages and travel the world are her passions.
President of several prestigious associations has gained experience in networking that makes it flexible, communicative and irreplaceable. A tireless globetrotter with strong organizational skills.


Tullia Gargiulo
Art Nouveau and Art Deco are her passion.
A Thirties girl full of verve who has been furnishing homes with a unique, inimitable style. Historical tissue of the twentieth century knows places, people, precious and beautiful things.


Bianca Imbembo
I always had a strong temperament that prompted me to get back into the game professionally at age 40.
Armed with great courage port on a project close to all the women:  create fashion accessories handbags made in Italy, rich in style and quality, but above all in harmony with the environment.


Maria Pia Incutti
Tommaso Marinetti would dedicated to her a TARATATATA !
to crystallize the energy that she emanates and one ZOOOOOM to suggest the idea of a fast moving projected forward. Creator of PLART, unique in its kind in which art and plastic meet to overcome the static concept of the museum, she gives rise to festivals, performances and exhibitions inviting young designers to reflect on the relationship between art and science.

Sara Lubrano
A string of wax  takes life in her hands by creating harmony of shapes and colors.
Her jewelry, original and unique, expressing the creativity of those who can read emotions and personality. Everyone should do a gift  themselves of her jewelry,  one of the pleasures
of life to which we do not give up.

Vittoria Pappalardo
Lively and solar seems to have inherited, in addition to the name, from her father Vittoriotenacity and determination.
Grown between sounds and noises in the production of ergonomic chairs after diploma in Composition and Design began studying  Design and Communication. Pushing the creative spirit and the aesthetic sense is dedicated heart and soul to the creation of a business line dedicated to women.

Marisol Pascucci
Wife, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, engaged in a seesaw of responsibility, hard work and rewards, as well as legal counsel specializing in Organization and Management Models for the prevention of crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01. Being a woman is the grace in which no one would ever give that offers the possibility, with a commitment to the limits of human endurance, to translate ideals into concrete targets by training in planning creative and lateral thinking.

Francesca Vitelli
Create a network of talented women is the challenge of life.
A network of excellence in which what matters are the people with their talent and their personality. An ambitious project for ordinary women above the ordinary! See more